Carbon Facial

Infinity’s No-1 Carbon Facial in Melbourne

The skincare wizards at Infinity Skin Care Clinic have embraced the best carbon facial technique. To cure sunburns, pigmentation marks, acne scars, and different signs of aging on facial skin, Carbon laser Facial Melbourne is the most effective treatment. We offer the most accurate and professionally guided carbon laser facials.

If you are unhappy with your facial skin health, visit us at our clinic. Allow our skin care experts to check your facial skin and offer you the best treatment.

Call us now at +61 452 659 200 to schedule an appointment with our laser skin care team.

What is Carbon Laser Facial?

Carbon laser facial is a painless and non-invasive procedure. The healing is also fast, unlike other laser treatments. You can get back to your work after every session.

According to our clients, they only feel the warm pricks of the pulse and hear the sound as the laser treatment is still in process. Carbon laser Facial Melbourne is a revolutionary skin rejuvenating treatment.

Our experts gently remove the outer layer of the facial skin through laser.

After healing, you will get a younger and more vibrant complexion. All the scar marks and signs of pigmentations or aging will be gone after the treatment.

Carbon Facial is Celebrities’ favourite

Carbon Facial or Carbon Laser Facial (CLF) is also popularly known as China Doll Laser Facial, Black Doll or Charcoal Laser Facial. It is ideal for all skin types and conditions. The treatment evens the skin tone. Many Hollywood celebrities are reported to have tried carbon laser facial to retain their youthfulness and facial vibrancy.

We are happy to help you by sharing the Carbon laser facial cost we will charge. Call us now at +61 452 659 200 for an instant estimation.

What are the benefits of Carbon Laser facials?

  • You will enjoy having the best Carbon laser Facial Melbourne from us to eliminate the signs of premature aging. Today’s busy life is forcing people to age faster. You can stop the signs of aging with proper laser therapy by our experts.
  • Enhance your skin integrity and radiance with our No-1 Carbon Facial Melbourne.  Our certified and experienced laser technicians safely offer satisfactory carbon facials.
  • This will brighten up your skin. You can become fairer and have glowing skin after two sessions.
  • Our finest Carbon Facial can remove the fine lines or wrinkles from your face.
  • Enjoy increasing facial skin tone and the beautiful texture.
  • Laser therapy will increase collagen growth. This will make your skin firmer and plumper.
  • Carbon facial is perfect to reduce oily skin problems. This can also exfoliate the dead cells on dry skin.
  • Fadeaway the yellow, brown or black pigmentation marks with Carbon laser Facial Melbourne.

Remove the acne scar marks or shrink the marks with the state-of-art carbon facial laser treatment at Infinity Skin Care Clinic.

Call us now at +61 452 659 200 for the exact Carbon laser facial cost or any details regarding the service.

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